Irrigation Contractor in Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids Sprinkler InstallerFinding an irrigation contractor may be difficult, but if you are in Coon Rapids, Minnesota and are looking for an irrigation contractor to either install or fix your current system, then Wet and Wild is here for you.

At Wet & Wild Irrigation we have the experience and the professional team to install all types of systems with minimal disturbance to your lawn. Furthermore, if you have a preference for a system we have worked with almost every system in the books and therefore we can provide you with your preference. Whether you are interested in a new lawn sprinkler system or service for your existing system, we will provide the best service for your lawn. With over 30 years of experience, whether commercial or residential we pay attention to detail and offer complete and timely services at an affordable price. Our mission is to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Residential Irrigation Contractor, Coon Rapids, MN

Having a great lawn definitely makes your home look far more appealing than a neighbor who has yellow grass. When you picture a beautiful home you most likely think of dense, green grass. Installing an irrigation system not only makes your home look great but it also adds value to your estate. Furthermore, it saves a lot of water. The system will place exactly the right amount of water on individual lawn and garden areas, operate on timers, and also shut off when it is raining. It allows you to enjoy more free time rather than having to worry about watering your grass during the short few months you get to go out and enjoy the great warm air with your friends and family.

Commercial Irrigation Contractor, Coon Rapids, MN

Wet & Wild Irrigation offers commercial products and services that meet the irrigation challenges of today and tomorrow. Contact us today for all your commercial irrigation needs. If you have a commercial property around Coon Rapids, Minnesota, the chances are you want an irrigation system to make the place looking green, and you want a system that is cost efficient and top quality. At Wet & Wild Irrigation we promise to provide you with only the top quality system for your commercial property. Don’t waste time, money or resources on something that is easily avoidable.

Irrigation systems require periodic maintenance and repairs to continue to operate efficiently. From minor repairs to troubleshooting and full systems upgrades, our team of professional technicians can help solve your irrigation problems. With over 30 years of experience, we have worked with every type of irrigation system, and feel confident that we can provide help to you no matter what the problem is.

Wet & Wild Irrigation provides the best quality Irrigation Design and Installation to Minnesota. We appreciate our clients and are committed to providing the absolute best service in Andover, MN. Call us today at (763) 238-7313 for your free irrigation repair estimate.

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