Irrigation Installer MN

Irrigation Installation Minnesota

Keep your lawn wet and wild this summer with Wet and Wild Irrigation, a reliable and affordable lawn care and maintenance company specializing in automatic underground irrigation systems. As a full-service irrigation company, we offer irrigation installation services to home and business owners in the Minneapolis, Minnesota and entire Twin Cities area. With Wet and Wild Irrigation, you can be sure you’re getting an irrigation installation company with decades of experience, servicing all irrigation brands to ensure sure that everyone who needs our irrigation installer can look to us as their best option.

Fall and Spring Sprinkler Maintenance

What many homeowners don’t realize about their irrigation systems is that once you’ve had your sprinklers installed, they require a fair amount of maintenance to ensure they continue functioning properly. If not maintained, your sprinkler system could suffer from improper upkeep, potentially being ruined by neglect. Rather than paying more to have your sprinkler system repaired, call us for your spring start-ups and fall blow-outs. With a spring start-up, we’ll run a full pump system test to be sure your irrigation system is functioning properly so that there are no surprises when you turn on your sprinklers for the first time after the winter. In the fall, we’ll blow compressed air through your sprinkler lines to remove water in your system and ensure that leftover water doesn’t freeze inside your sprinklers.

Lawn Sprinkler and Pump System Repairs

When your sprinklers and pump system are damaged, the last thing you want to do is wait to have them repaired. If left inactive for months at a time or repaired by amateurs, your sprinklers can suffer further damage, costing you more time and money. When you come to Wet and Wild Irrigation for your sprinkler repairs, you can be sure that whatever brand of sprinklers you have at your home or business, we have the experience and knowledge to repair them. Our pump system repair services include valve repairs, sprinkler head replacement, and general repairs to malfunctioning sprinkler systems. So don’t wait to make the necessary sprinkler repairs; call us instead, and rely on our top-rated and award-winning irrigation system and lawn care services.

Commercial and Residential Irrigation Company

Keeping a green lawn is important to many homeowners, but it’s even more important to business owners looking to attract customers. If your lawn looks unkempt and neglected, your customers will notice; but if your lawn is green and well-watered, your clients will expect to see the same level of care you show your lawn in all of your work. For an irrigation installation company you can count on for all of your sprinkler system maintenance and repairs, look to Wet and Wild Irrigation. With 36 years of experience in lawn care and maintenance in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, you can bet that when you call us at 763-238-7313 for a free estimate, we’ll offer you affordable and reliable irrigation services.

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