Irrigation Repair

As you start up your irrigation system this spring, it’s likely that your sprinkler system could have sprung a leak or sustained some weather damage this winter. If you’re in need of irrigation system repairs in Coon Rapids, Blaine, Spring Lake Park, Anoka, Andover or Ham Lake, MN, Wet and Wild Irrigation is here to help. Our professional irrigation system repair professionals have the training and experience to provide quality repairs for a variety of sprinkler system types and brands, ensuring that you always have someone by your side when your sprinkler system fails or needs repairs. Whether you’re looking for one-time repairs or a full irrigation system maintenance company to help keep your irrigation system running smoothly through the year, give us a call, and find out how we can help make sure owning and repairing your sprinkler system is as stress-free as possible.

Sprinkler System Repair Services

At Wet and Wild, we service several types of sprinkler systems, and we make sure that we can provide any repairs you may need by servicing every element of a sprinkler system. That way, you don’t have to find one company to service your pump while another replaces your sprinkler heads. Our irrigation repair contractors service the following sprinkler system elements:

• Sprinkler heads
• Sprinkler pumps
• Valves
• Pipes
• Hoses
• Timers
• Back flow devices
• Rain sensors

In addition to these common sprinkler system repairs, we offer other sprinkler repair services. To find out if we can help make the irrigation repairs you need, get in touch with us today!

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