Irrigation Design

Professional Irrigation Design MN

The design of your irrigation system is very important in order to ensure that it is effective, not wasteful or duplicative, that the water supply and pressure is consistent throughout the system, and that it is up to code, meeting environmental standards. Wet and Wild Irrigation will plan and design an irrigation system that will be effective for your property. Whether you have a commercial property or residential property, we will conceive of an irrigation system that is right for you. There are many aspects involved when designing an irrigation system. Below are some things that are taken into account.

Coverage Area

When designing an irrigation system, making sure that the entire area is covered is very important. No one wants a brown spot in the corner of their lawn due to lack of coverage, or in the middle, for that matter. But coverage area does not just concern under watering, but over watering as well. We want to make every drop count. And if a part of the lawn is getting duplicative waterings, then the irrigation system is not properly effective. This is all part of planning the coverage area. We want it to be useful but not duplicate, cost-effective but not costly.

Environmental Concerns

It is state law that every irrigation system has a rain sensor so that there is no wasteful watering days, such as those when the rain never stops. The rain sensors that we use at Wet and Wild Irrigation are the top of the line, and ensure that when your lawn and landscaping has had enough, then that’s it. And to go with what was mentioned above, we want to make every single drop of water count. We will ensure that your property gets the water it needs while also being a part of the environment as a whole, not taking when it doesn’t need to.

Water Supply

The water supply is very important to a good irrigation system. The water supply for your irrigation system may not necessarily come from the same place that supplies your drinking and house water. We can take from surface supplies (lakes and rivers) as well as from standard water supplies such as city and well. Besides the supply, the pressure and lines must be taken into account. If the water is not being transferred to all part of the property that need irrigation due to a lack of pressure, then the system is not effective. Determining the amount of pressure and where the water supply is coming from is very important. The irrigation system that has been designed and the property owner’s preference for expense related to materials will determine all of this.


Many people who install an irrigation system themselves do not have a full understanding of the different types of equipment. If you want an in-ground sprinkler system, there are many different type of sprinkler heads to choose from, and each one has their advantages and disadvantages. The long-time professionals at Wet and Wild Irrigation can help you determine which sprinkler heads are right for your property. Beyond sprinkler heads, the type of valves also need to be taken into consideration, as well as piping.

Irrigation System Design MN

As you can see, there are many things to take into consideration when designing an irrigation system, regardless of whether it is for commercial or residential use. The topics mentioned above are just a few of them. We can incorporate both an in ground system and drip system, depending on your needs. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and see what kind of system we can design for you.