Irrigation In Ground Systems

In Ground Irrigation Systems MN

Wet and Wild Irrigation installs and performs maintenance on in-ground irrigation systems for residential and commercial property owners around Minnesota. These systems ensure that your lawn always looks green and lush, the way you want it to. However, we are also environmentally conscious regarding our sprinkler systems. The systems that we install are designed to ensure that your lawn gets the water it needs, while not overwatering or watering on days when the rain is pouring down. We also provide solid warranties with your in-ground irrigation system so that if something goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Give us a call today and see how this 2nd generation company has kept property owners happy with their lawns for over 35 years.

Sprinkler Installation MN

We install sprinkler systems, also known as in-ground irrigation systems, for property owners in Minnesota. We work with all brands of irrigation systems. We’ve been doing this for over 35 years and we’ve learned every brand of sprinkler system in that time. So if you have a preference for Hunter, Toro, Rainbird, or something else, we can easily order and install it for you. If you don’t have a sprinkler brand preference and simply want to make sure that it works and has a good warranty, we can accommodate that, too. We will give you the right sprinkler system for your property so as to ensure that the coverage area is thorough but not over-watered. Contact us today for sprinkler installation for your property in Minnesota.

Sprinkler Maintenance MN

No matter if you have a Hunter irrigation system, Toro, Rainbird, or something else, we can come out and service your sprinkler system to make sure that it works right all year round – or at least when there isn’t snow on the ground. However, we can actually handle that, too. Our sprinkler maintenance services include:

  • Winterizing
  • Blow-outs
  • Start-ups
  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Pipes
  • Timers
  • Back Flow Devices
  • Rain Sensors
  • And More!

Conservation Conscious Sprinkler Systems MN

While it is state law that all in-ground irrigation systems these days come equipped with a rain sensor, it is still the case that some work better than others. The rain sensors and water management systems that we install are top of the line and will ensure that your lawn gets the proper amount of water and nothing more. You won’t have to worry about your neighbors looking through their windows, saying “look at those sprinklers go. It’s pouring outside. What a waste of water…” With our rain sensors and water managements systems, you can feel content that your lawn is getting the care it needs while not being excessive.

Residential In Ground Irrigation Systems MN

Wet and Wild Irrigation installs in ground irrigation systems, or sprinkler systems, for homeowners around Minnesota. Our systems will have your lawn looking green and lush, stately and exquisite. We install affordable options for sprinkler systems so that you can get that golf course look without the golf course price. Contact us today and we can show you our sprinkler system options.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems MN

We install sprinkler systems for commercial properties around Minnesota. Whether you have a hospital or medical center, car dealership, restaurant, park, gas station, townhome association, property management company, or any other type of property, we can install the proper in ground irrigation system for you. Give us a call to get started.

Wet and Wild Irrigation provides sprinkler installation and maintenance to every type of property around Minnesota. Our many years of experience make us well-versed in every irrigation brand and every lay-out and terrain of property. Contact us today and see how this experience can work for you.