Sprinkler Installation Company Near Me

When you decide to install a sprinkler system on your property, there are several factors to consider before choosing a sprinkler installation company. For starters, you’ll need to make sure that you’ll be working with an experienced irrigation company with the right training and tools to properly install an in-ground irrigation system. In addition, you’ll want to be sure that whichever company you choose offers the right brand and type of irrigation system, and you should be sure to find someone who will be there for any sprinkler maintenance and repairs in the future. At Wet and Wild Irrigation, we make it a point to provide all of this and more to our clients, ensuring that we can offer the best possible sprinkler installation service, including sprinkler maintenance! Our sprinkler installation contractors work in Coon Rapids, Blaine, Spring Lake Park, Anoka, Andover and Ham Lake, MN, helping home and business owners have greener lawns year-round.

Complete In-Ground Irrigation System Installation

When we install a sprinkler system in any lawn, we make sure that you get the right sprinkler brand, the necessary irrigation system components, and the best installation services possible. The sprinkler installation process begins by drawing plans for the sprinkler installation, making sure that your system is set up to benefit your lawn as much as possible. Then we’ll begin laying the pipe; installing sprinkler heads, backflow devices, valves, and valve pumps. We’ll also ensure that your system is installed with reliable sprinkler timers and rain sensors to ensure that your lawn only gets the water it needs to stay green without wasting water.

Commercial and Residential Sprinkler Installation Services

As a residential and commercial sprinkler installation company, we have experience installing large and small sprinkler systems of a variety of brands, planning simple and complex sprinkler system layouts. Whether you have a small property that requires a simple irrigation system layout or a sprawling property that takes some creativity to draw up a sprinkle plan, we’ll always make sure that your entire lawn is getting the water it needs. If you’re looking to install a specific sprinkler brand, we have the capability to install virtually any system you want, including quality brands like Hunter, Toro, Rainbird, Weathermatic, and more!

Expert Sprinkler Installers

With two generations of sprinkler installation contractors and 35 years in the irrigation business in Coon Rapids, Blaine, Spring Lake Park, Anoka, Andover and Ham Lake, Minnesota, you can bet on Wet and Wild Irrigation being a sprinkler installation company you can trust to deliver quality service every time. From planning an irrigation system on your property to installing and maintaining your sprinkler system throughout the year, we’ll be there to make sure your sprinkler system installation goes smoothly and leaves you with an in-ground irrigation system you can count on. Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential sprinkler installation company, contact our Minnesota sprinkler installers today at 763-238-7313, and rest assured we’ll leave you with nothing less than the sprinkler system you want.

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